One Mission, One Goal: Veterans Health

Since 1988, NCIRE-supported scientists and clinicians have been at the front lines of Veterans health research, developing novel treatments for the wide range of conditions that affect Veterans of all ages.

  • We support over 200 researchers who have joint faculty appointments at UCSF and SFVAHCS.

  • Our research portfolio is deeply rooted in the relationship between scientists and the patients they serve and is catalyzed by the evolving needs of the Veteran population.

  • Clinicians and researchers care for patients, conceptualize more effective treatment and prevention strategies, and collaborate with basic scientists to create durable and translational interventions.

  • We are training current and future generations of researchers and providers in Veterans health.

Our broad portfolio of projects receives generous support from the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, and individual donors, making us the leading nonprofit research institute devoted to Veterans health in the U.S.

Our goals are to continue to advance science, promote education, and foster innovation through leadership in the field of Veterans health research. This research benefits Veterans of all ages, and many of the benefits extend to the general population through multiplier effects.

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